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“Vocations are not just the domain of monasteries and priesthoods, but of marketplace, homes, and professions. Since the call of Jesus is first and foremost to discipleship, none are excluded.”

+ Tod Bolsinger, in his guest-edited FULLER magazine on vocation. This generous view of vocation is part of the Fuller “DNA” (see Mark Labberton’s vision for more), but identifying that calling is not always easy. Clarifying our vocations can be a messy combination of study, prayer, false starts, and frustrated passions. It is important for the struggle to find support within community, with spiritual practices, and with insights from leadership training. Fuller Seminary has made this commitment in the form of a new Vocation and Formation division overseen by Vice President Tod Bolsinger. Our process includes reflection on the central integration question: “At this point in your journey, how do you envision your call to God’s mission in the world?” Throughout this page are short video interviews.

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