By Jack Anderson, originally posted on Living Healthy.

Anyone that is a Baby Boomer – those of us born between 1946-1964 (full disclosure, that includes me) HATES the word “retired.” AARP is a curse word to us. We aren’t old. We can’t be old. It’s just not possible. And in a lot of ways, we are right. Not because we are always right (we are), but because so many Boomers today are defying the aging process. If you have any doubts, just ask Helen Mirren, the 69-year old “new face” for L’Oreal Paris. 

The Third Third, just to be clear, is the last third of our lives, and arguably the most important third of all. It’s when we truly get the chance to live the lives we’ve always wanted to live. The First Third is all about Growing Up (from birth to college), the Second Third is all about Growing Out (career, marriage, family), so the Third Third is all about Growing In (wisdom, spirituality, being, Inner Self Happiness), according to Leslie Matthews, a speaker and aging expert in Denver, Colorado who is the founder of the site “The Third Third happens with ‘The Wakeup Call’ to your own mortality,” according to Matthews. “That wakeup call could be when your parent dies, your last child leaves home or you start to have major medical issues. Mine happened when I had to get new hips, even though I was in my early 50s. In the Third Third, you face the ultimate question – am I going to keep moving, or fade out?”

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