By Randy J. Simmonds, originally posted on Samaritan Vail.

I remember, when I was 25 years old, wondering what it must feel like to be 60 years old. I assumed that there would be a point in my life, probably around age 40, that a transformation would happen, and I would become an adult with all the maturity, insight, wisdom, and power, that I assumed older folks must feel. I thought there certainly must be a threshold that would be crossed that would change everything. I would understand life differently than I did at age 25. Things would make sense, and I would enter into that world of adulthood where I could take my place as a leader and decision maker with confidence and assurance. There would be this adult thing that happened to me, and I would feel like an adult!

Well, I did turn 40, and to those of you over the age of 40 reading this, you will know exactly what I mean when I say that I was dramatically surprised to learn that nothing dramatic happened. The assumption I had all those years that there would be a time when something would happen and I would be a completely different person when I became and adult just was not true. No bells and whistles; no lightening from the sky indicating to me that I had now arrived! I was the same person I had been becoming all along.

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