How the Gospel Prepares Your Heart for Work

June 21, 2018By DPC EditorResources for Churches, Resources for Pastors & Lay Leaders, Vocation Formation

Originally posted at the Center for Faith and Work. The gospel has the power to change hearts, desires, feelings and behaviors so that we might increasingly live by faith towards real obedience. Redeemer Counselor Lois Kehlenbrink introduces a self-counseling tool to help process how the gospel can change the way we respond to disruptions that … Read More

Finding Jesus at Work

May 24, 2018By DPC EditorResources for Churches, Resources for Pastors & Lay Leaders

By Emma Green, originally posted at The Atlantic Why are more and more companies offering access to chaplains as an employee benefit? Pastors have long hung out with workers. During the Industrial Revolution, they would preach from factory floors. Nineteenth-century Catholic teachings declared it the Church’s duty to support the working poor. And in the Great Depression, industry titans hired … Read More

Is Church Work a Higher Calling?

May 22, 2018By DPC EditorChurch Issues, Resources for Churches

Originally posted on Theology of Work. This article is part of a larger series entitled, “Calling & Vocation: Overview“. Many Christians have the impression that church workers — especially evangelists, missionaries, pastors, priests, ministers and the like — have a higher calling than other workers. While there is little in the Bible to support this … Read More