Faith and Work | Jody Vanderwel on Investing in Character

March 16, 2018By DPC EditorFaith at Work

Faith and Work | Jody Vanderwel on Investing in Character, originally posted on Fuller Studios. Jody Vanderwel, president of Grand Angels and Fuller Trustee, reflects on character and integrity as defining strategies for investing. She is interviewed by Fuller Seminary’s president Mark Labberton.

Faith and Work | Terry Looper on Dying to Self

March 14, 2018By DPC EditorVocation Formation

Faith and Work | Terry Looper on Dying to Self, originally posted on FULLER Studio, on YouTube. Terry Looper, CEO and Founder of Texon, reflects on dying to self and making Jesus the CEO to develop healthy workplace culture. He is interviewed by Tod Bolsinger, Vice President and Chief of Leadership Formation.

Faith-Work Integration: Trendy or Essential?

March 9, 2018By DPC EditorChurch & Work

by Mark D. Roberts, originally posted on Fuller Studios. In my first months as executive director of Fuller’s Max De Pree Center for Leadership, I conferred with over 50 marketplace leaders, asking each of them, “How can we serve you?” The response I heard was almost always something like, “You can help me integrate my faith … Read More

Formed, Not Found

February 28, 2018By DPC EditorVocation Formation

by Tod Bolsinger, originally posted on FULLER Studio. A farmer looks over his field, the South Dakota soil freshly turned in the afternoon sun, the work of the day behind him, his son next to him. “Put your hand in the soil, son,” he says. The boy, confused, complies. He looks his son in the … Read More

Voices on Vocation

February 21, 2018By DPC EditorChurch & Work, Faith at Work, Vocation Formation

Originally published by FULLER Studio. Click here to watch. “Vocations are not just the domain of monasteries and priesthoods, but of marketplace, homes, and professions. Since the call of Jesus is first and foremost to discipleship, none are excluded.” + Tod Bolsinger, in his guest-edited FULLER magazine on vocation. This generous view of vocation is … Read More

Formed Not Found

January 18, 2018By DPC EditorVocation Formation

This article was originally published by FULLER Studio. You can find the full article here. Christian vocation, or “calling,” is woven through the great biblical narrative. From the moment that God kissed the figures formed of the dust and charged them to “cultivate and keep” creation, to the final summons to the nations of the … Read More