By David Gill, originally posted at Made to Flourish.

It is a rare pastor who has any trouble seeing the biblical mandate — and the practical importance —- of connecting with the day-to-day, in-the-trenches lives of one’s congregants. It is right there in front of us in Scripture and in the life challenges of our people. But it is also rare to find workplace church-goers who can say much about how their church helps and supports them in the workplace. It just doesn’t happen much. No surprise though: the seminaries haven’t been teaching it. The pastoral guild hasn’t had much to pass on.

We can change that almost overnight. Six small but concrete steps can bring the revolution we need. These are not time-consuming additions to your workload. Any pastor can do it. Believe it: your workplace folk will be transformed in their attitudes toward church and toward you — and toward their work itself. You will likely see tired church drop-outs come back when the buzz spreads about what is going on. Your studies and sermons will take on a fresh, new vitality as they connect to your peoples’ real lives.

So here are six specific steps to revitalize your ministry, your church, and your workplace disciples’ witness and presence.

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