By Amy Sherman, originally posted at Made to Flourish.

To understand movies (or any cultural text), it can be helpful to peek inside the “world behind the text”—learning about an author, and the themes that inspired their writing. In this essay, Amy Sherman examines the themes in the film Silence (directed by Martin Scorsese) through the lens of Makoto Fujimura’s book, Silence and Beauty. We’ve also included a link to an interview with Martin Scorsese, Makoto Fujimura, and Kutter Calloway with the Fuller Theological Seminary. This interview was conducted after Silence was shown on the Fuller campus. Click here to view the interview.


I have a dear friend who is 5 years into a brutal battle with cancer. She’s one of the most godly people I know and after praying for her daily, sometimes multiple times a day, I have found myself beginning to lose hope. Why hasn’t God answered our prayers for healing? I know Jesus said “pray and never give up,” but after roughly 2,000 prayers I’m about ready to throw in the towel. Why keep talking to the God who doesn’t answer?

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