By Larry Alton, originally posted on Forbes.

Of all the prevailing stereotypes about millennials, one of the biggest and most cited is their generation’s sense of entitlement. Though different groups likely have different definitions, entitlement (or an entitlement complex) basically means you believe you’re owed something intrinsically. In millennials’ case, some people from older generations believe millennials typically ask for a salary far higher than what they’re worth, or expect a job immediately after graduating from college, just because they graduated.

The idea is that millennials were raised by baby boomer and Gen X parents who spoiled them. They were awarded participation trophies just for showing up to competitive events, and had access to the internet—with virtually unlimited connective potential—in their childhood and early adult years. Accordingly, they grew up to believe that the world already owed them something, and complain when they don’t immediately get it.

But are millennials as entitled as they’re described to be? And if so, what effects is this having on the workplace?

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