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Earlier this month, we challenged our network pastors to visit their congregants at their workplaces – and you can still participate in The Pastor’s Challenge: Workplace Visitations.

Whether you’ve been visiting congregants for awhile or are boldly taking this step this summer, we encourage our pastors to keep looking for ways to better interact with their congregants. One of these ways is to reflect on how your congregants reflect God’s labor and to encourage them in their Kingdom mission. To help us reflect, read this excerpt from Amy Sherman’s book Kingdom Calling: Vocational Stewardship for the Common Good. Amy shares how we all participate in God’s work as image bearers and lists the specific ways our congregants participate in and reflect God’s labor:

Redemptive Work – those who participate in God’s saving and reconciling actions. Includes writers, artists, producers, songwriters, poets and actors who incorporate redemptive elements in their stories, novels, songs, films, performances, and other works. Evangelists, pastors, counselors, and peacemakers fit here too.

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