First Step: Your Role in Your Church

Now that you’re ready to begin moving along the FWE integration Pathways, here’s how to start.

Though partnership between church staff and church members is essential if a church is going to excel in FWE integration, we have found that it is helpful to offer distinct paths for people who work on church staffs (pastors, directors, etc.) and for those who are church members and non-staff participants.

So, please select the path that seems most suited to your role in your church. (If you’re not quite sure where you fit, because, for example, you’re a church member with a small paid role, then just choose whichever way feels right to you. You can always double back and check out the other pathways.)


I am on the staff of my church.

The path is being mapped. Please come back soon!

I am a church member/participant, but not staff.

You have selected this path because you’re involved in a church that you would like to see get more involved in the integration of faith, work, and economics. That’s great! Though you are not on the staff of the church, your participation in the life of your church is essential. Your leadership can make all the difference in helping your church to grow in whole-life discipleship that impacts daily work.

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