Thoughts on Faith and Sports

August 23, 2018By DPC EditorResources By Industry

By Ed Stetzer, originally posted at the Christian Post. Right now, many of you are gathered around the TV, surrounded by bowls of dip and chips, platters of wings, and other tasty treats as you watch The Game. Are you getting your Superbowl on? Some people watch mostly for the commercials, and at least one … Read More

How Science and Engineering Strengthen Faith

August 22, 2018By DPC EditorResources By Industry

By Charles E. Hunt, originally posted at Passion Talks. Science is derived from observing the natural universe around us. Engineering by contrast is the practice of using science to solve problems. But, by definition, ”god” refers to a supernatural being, outside of nature; therefore, it is impossible to make a direct observation of God. To … Read More

Relating Christian Faith to Physics for Scientists and Engineers

August 22, 2018By DPC EditorResources By Industry

By Dominic Halmser, originally posted at Christians and Engineering. As part of an initiative by the new Center for Faith and Learning at Oral Roberts University, an introductory college-level physics course for scientists and engineers is being reconfigured to facilitate the integration of physics and Christian faith. Regular readings from a popular book, Einstein and … Read More

Engineering Through the Eyes of Faith

August 21, 2018By DPC EditorResources By Industry

By David C. Che, originally posted at Digital Commons. What is a biblical perspective of engineering? This paper seeks to answer some key questions related to the integration of faith and engineering. It is the second paper in a three paper sequel on this topic. It attempts to build from some initial concepts in a … Read More

Faith and Engineering

August 21, 2018By DPC EditorResources By Industry

By Nina Welding, originally posted at the University of Notre Dame’s College of Engineering. When asked “What is the most important thing you have learned as an engineering student,” most undergraduates talk about the technical side of engineering. Many mention the benefits of teamwork. Senior environmental engineering major Claire Nauman believes the most important thing she’s developed … Read More

Government Partnerships With Faith-Based Organizations: Looking Back, Moving Forward

August 21, 2018By DPC EditorResources By Industry

Originally posted at the Pew Research Forum. The White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, established by President Barack Obama, plans to expand partnerships between the government and faith-based and community organizations for the delivery of social services. What lessons can be learned from the preceding eight years of the White House Office of … Read More

Biblical Foundations of Modern Social Work Values and Practice Competencies

August 20, 2018By DPC EditorResources By Industry

By Laura Racovita-Szilagy and Mioara Diaconu, originally posted at Knowledge Southern. Modern social work values and practice competencies establish the foundation from which social work educators teach future practitioners much needed knowledge and skills for competent practice. The profession’s two major organizations provide the platform upon which this paper was crafted. The National Association of … Read More