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A look at our “diverse perspectives” core value would not be complete without asking our pastors to consider the question, since more than half of our congregations are women, how are we pastors supporting them and their work?

Sadly, the question is vital because research paints a dismal picture. In 2015, Barna released a study that reported 17% of women feel “very supported” at their church. With increasing tensions between what they would like to do and what they actually have time for, 72% of women feel stressed out, 58% are tired, and 48% say they are overcommitted. Moms with children at home report even higher percentages. Yet the findings also reveal that even though only 5% of women chose church as their highest commitment, it is also the area that women most desire to improve. Barna suggests this indicates that “many women find their desires for church engagement to be at odds with the constraints of their everyday realities.”

What is behind this data?

Could it be that we as pastors have neglected to affirm the work women do? Could it be that we as pastors avoid entering the hard conversation between women who work at home and women who work in the marketplace?

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