Originally posted at Made to Flourish.

This common question often becomes an identity marker that intertwines with our self-worth. In this short book by Justin S. Holcomb, readers are challenged to think about their work in light of who they are in Christ. Below is an exerpt.

The Bible portrays “calling” in a way that put these two meanings together – the activity of God’s Word and our mandate to work. It is God’s Word that makes an occupation holy, not the exercise itself, and therefore any activity sanctified by God’s Word is for this reason truly holy.

So finding our calling may not require changing our situation or landing our dream job. It may simply involve trusting that God can be present in any kind of work. It means living in the now, rather than in our dreams for the future, and offering up our specific problems to him. With Christ, any task can transform a person and a community. Without him, even our dream jobs can work against us.

Justin is an Episocpal priest in Florida, teaches at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and Reformed Theological Seminary, and serves as a City Director for Made to Flourish Orlando. This book is available on Amazon.