By Ed Stetzer, originally posted at the Christian Post.

Right now, many of you are gathered around the TV, surrounded by bowls of dip and chips, platters of wings, and other tasty treats as you watch The Game. Are you getting your Superbowl on? Some people watch mostly for the commercials, and at least one spot has already generated a lot of controversy because of an athlete’s pro-life stance in it.

Most guys like sports, and Christians aren’t any exception. In fact there appears to be a real influence of faith in sports, and even (for good or bad) sports in faith. There’s even a new book covering the subject (with a negative view).

We’ve all seen teams pray before the game, players credit God with the win, and many athletes openly talk about their religious convictions. I know it’s cool these days to dump on celebrities and athletes when they “thank God.” Newscasters, and even many Christians, roll their eyes. But the truth is many athletes who wind up in the spotlight believe such opportunities must be taken to publicly give God thanks or even tell others about Jesus.

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