A Theology of Marketing and Advertising

May 30, 2018By DPC EditorFaith at Work

Originally posted at the Center for Faith & Work. What can we learn about marketing and advertising from studying who God is? How does God brand himself to us and how do we communicate God’s brand as his people? What does it mean to be a divine image bearer? David H. Kim discusses how valuing … Read More

Millennials Losing Faith: Reinventing Meaning in a World Without Religion

May 25, 2018By DPC EditorWorkplace Challenges

Originally posted at The Atlantic. In the United States, 25 percent of young adults under age 30 do not claim affiliation with any particular religion—twice as many as their parents’ generation. What does this mean for communities of faith as young Americans increasingly turn away from such identity-forming institutions? Outside of those traditional religious institutions, … Read More

Formed, Not Found

February 28, 2018By DPC EditorVocation Formation

by Tod Bolsinger, originally posted on FULLER Studio. A farmer looks over his field, the South Dakota soil freshly turned in the afternoon sun, the work of the day behind him, his son next to him. “Put your hand in the soil, son,” he says. The boy, confused, complies. He looks his son in the … Read More

The Economics of Radical Generosity (Acts 2:45; 4:34-35)

February 28, 2018By DPC EditorEconomics

Bible Commentary / Produced by Theology of Work (TOW) Project There is continuing debate about whether or not these community summaries advocate a certain economic system, with some commentators describing the practice of the community as “proto-communism” and others seeing a mandatory divestiture of goods. The text, however, does not suggest an attempt to change … Read More

God’s Work; Our Work

January 24, 2018By DPC EditorChurch & Work, Faith at Work

This article was originally published by Made to Flourish. Click here to read the full article. In the midst of the tedium that inevitably accompanies any job (in varying degrees), it can be easy to wonder at times whether our work really matters. One way of battling the temptation to believe the lie that our work … Read More

Why We Need A Blue-Collar Theology of Work

January 24, 2018By DPC EditorChurch & Work, Economics, Faith at Work

This interview was originally published by Christianity Today. Click here to listen to the interview. Just over 100 years ago, churches and labor unions had a close relationship. From a Christian History piece: Some labor unions gathered members in their halls and marched together to church to hear the special messages. Newspapers reprinted the sermons the … Read More