Can Religious Charities Take the Place of the Welfare State?

May 25, 2018By DPC EditorEconomics

By Emma Green, originally posted at The Atlantic. Supporters of Trump’s budget are eager to restore the central role of faith-based organizations in serving the poor—but it’s not clear they can be an adequate substitute for government. President Trump’s initial budget proposal would end aid for poor families to pay their heating bills, defund after-school programs at … Read More

Saying No to Pharaoh and Our Slavery to Work

March 2, 2018By DPC EditorWorkplace Challenges

by Ebony Adedayo, originally posted on the Salt Collective. We live in a society that demands constant production. Similarly to the Israelites when they were slaves in Egypt, we are expected, no coerced, to keep turning out profit so that Pharaoh America, can build a bigger empire. In exchange for working hard, we are told … Read More

Vocational Stewardship for the Common Good

February 28, 2018By DPC EditorFaith at Work

by Amy L. Sherman of the Center on Faith and Communities. Originally hosted on Crosswalk. Let’s insert a new phrase into the vocabulary of Christian thinking on careers: “vocational stewardship.” By it, I mean the intentional and strategic use of one’s vocational power (skills, knowledge, network, platform) to advance the values of the Kingdom of … Read More

Are Startups the Answer to Inequality?

February 27, 2018By DPC EditorWorkplace Challenges

Are startups the answer to inequality?  by Patton Dodd, June 21, 2017. Originally posted on Folo Media. Expert says businesses that close and open equate to a healthy and competitive economy. A new study finds that Texas is among the national leaders in “economic dynamism.” That’s a technical term: it means businesses starting and closing, … Read More

Why Work?

January 24, 2018By DPC EditorFaith at Work

This article by Dorothy Sayers can also be found in her book, Letters to a Diminished Church. You can read the full piece at the Made to Flourish website by clicking here. Or you can download a PDF by clicking here. I have already, on a previous occasion, spoken at some length on the subject … Read More