Grace for the Homeless

June 28, 2018By DPC EditorResources By Topic, Society

By: Esther Larson, originally posted at the Center for Faith & Work. I was recently waiting in line for a NYC public bathroom (total rookie mistake for a girl whose lived in NY for 6 years…) – waited for a few minutes, knocked, waited a few minutes, knocked.  Finally, a guy opened the door and said “I’m … Read More

Earth, Ash, Us

June 20, 2018By DPC EditorResources for Churches, Resources for Pastors & Lay Leaders

By Julia Easterlin, originally posted at the Center for Faith and Work. Earth, Ash, Us was commissioned by the Center for Faith & Work during the artist’s residency in Spring 2014. In this piece, the artist seeks to explore and demonstrate themes of interdependence and empathy through acapella performance. As stated by musician Brian Eno, … Read More