The Use of Feminism in Advertising

June 15, 2018By DPC EditorEconomics

By Stephanie Walton, originally posted at the Center for Faith and Work. (Since the term “feminism” is such a controversial one, it’s worth defining before we get started. By “feminism,” I’m referring to the cultural conversation on empowering women to pursue the life they want – whether career, family, or both – in a manner … Read More

The Conservative, Christian Case for Working Women

May 29, 2018By DPC EditorChurch & Work

By Jonathan Merrit, originally posted at The Atlantic. An evangelical Christian and avowed feminist argues that God intends every woman to work. The final episode of Leave it To Beaver aired in June of 1963, but many conservative Christians still promote a vision of womanhood reminiscent of June Cleaver.  When Tobin Grant, political-science professor at Southern Illinois University, … Read More

An Era of Women as 
Institution Builders

March 26, 2018By DPC EditorFaith at Work

An Era of Women as 
Institution Builders by Priscilla Pope-Levison, originally posted on FULLER Studio. With empty coffers and a faith promise, 30-year-old Mattie Perry opened the doors of Elhanan Training Institute in Marion, North Carolina, a sparsely populated farming community at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains. She confessed in her autobiography that … Read More

5 Tips for Becoming a More Missional Mom

March 2, 2018By DPC EditorVocation Formation

5 Tips for Becoming a More Missional Mom, originally posted on Verge Network. Video posted on Youtube. How can moms faithfully engage on mission in the midst of the time consuming responsibilities of parenting? In this short video, you’ll discover: The fuel for being a missional mom Why you need a community to be a … Read More

Helen Lee: Missional Parenting

March 2, 2018By DPC EditorVocation Formation

by Jennifer Anderson of Inter Varsity. Originally posted at The words “missional” and “mom” aren’t usually paired together. As an InterVarsity alumna and author of The Missional Mom (Moody Publishers 2011), Helen has a passion for parenting that she wants to pass along to new moms and women looking to develop their lives as … Read More

Women and Work: Overlooked in our Congregations?

February 26, 2018By DPC EditorChurch & Work

April 18, 2017, originally published at Made to Flourish. A look at our “diverse perspectives” core value would not be complete without asking our pastors to consider the question, since more than half of our congregations are women, how are we pastors supporting them and their work? Click here to continue reading.