Cultivated Instincts

March 16, 2018By DPC EditorVocation Formation

by Scott Cormode, originally posted on Fuller Theological Seminary. Leadership is a cultivated instinct. At first glance, the phrase “cultivated instinct” seems like a contradiction in terms. We normally think of instincts as coming at birth. Baby birds peck their way out of the egg and then open their beaks to the sky. No one … Read More

7 Ways to Find Meaning at Work

February 21, 2018By DPC EditorChurch & Work

Written by David Brooks and Arthur Brooks and originally published by The Atlantic. Several years ago, Gallup asked people in 142 countries to respond to a series of statements designed to measure employee engagement—involving matters like their job satisfaction, whether they felt their work was important, and whether they had opportunities in the workplace to … Read More

Formed Not Found

January 18, 2018By DPC EditorVocation Formation

This article was originally published by FULLER Studio. You can find the full article here. Christian vocation, or “calling,” is woven through the great biblical narrative. From the moment that God kissed the figures formed of the dust and charged them to “cultivate and keep” creation, to the final summons to the nations of the … Read More