Writing About God to Know God

June 6, 2018By DPC EditorResources By Industry

By Whitney Bauck, originally posted at the Center for Faith and Work. When I introduce Christian Wiman’s work, I often begin with the assertion that he’s 75 percent of the reason that I still call myself a Christian. Wiman’s work entered my life at a time when I desperately needed it, via a friend’s recommendation … Read More

Bringing Faith to Farming

May 25, 2018By DPC EditorResources By Industry

By Dave Thier, originally posted on The Atlantic. The most obvious benefit of having Ryan Anderson around the farm was that he was big. Broad shoulders, heavy build, long arms: With one hand, he could do jobs that would take three scrawny undergrads an hour. He brought something else to the farm too, however. At … Read More

The Spirituality of Snoopy

May 24, 2018By DPC EditorResources for Churches, Vocation Formation

By Jonathan Merritt, originally posted at The Atlantic. How the faith of Charles Schulz, creator of the Peanuts comic strip, shaped his work Charles Schulz was widely applauded for a long list of achievements. The creator of the Peanuts comic strip was a Pulitzer Prize nominee, and his comics earned him an Emmy, Peabody, and Congressional Gold … Read More

A New Way to Work

May 23, 2018By DPC EditorResources By Topic, Society

By Wally Larson, originally posted at the Center for Faith and Work. I’m a lawyer, but that’s just the start of what God has called me to at work. In May I graduated from the Center for Faith and Work’s Gotham Fellowship program. Paul writes in Romans that “all have sinned and fallen short of the … Read More