Cultivated Instincts

March 16, 2018By DPC EditorVocation Formation

by Scott Cormode, originally posted on Fuller Theological Seminary. Leadership is a cultivated instinct. At first glance, the phrase “cultivated instinct” seems like a contradiction in terms. We normally think of instincts as coming at birth. Baby birds peck their way out of the egg and then open their beaks to the sky. No one … Read More

Faith and Work | Terry Looper on Dying to Self

March 14, 2018By DPC EditorVocation Formation

Faith and Work | Terry Looper on Dying to Self, originally posted on FULLER Studio, on YouTube. Terry Looper, CEO and Founder of Texon, reflects on dying to self and making Jesus the CEO to develop healthy workplace culture. He is interviewed by Tod Bolsinger, Vice President and Chief of Leadership Formation.

God at Work Through an Accountant

March 8, 2018By DPC EditorFaith at Work

God at Work Through an Accountant, originally posted on John Vansloten. Accountants are made in the image of a God who cares about the bottom line, wants things to be in balance, and always knows where things stand. In this sermon accountants from across the continent help us understand God’s truth telling, shalom seeking heart … Read More