6 Tips For Better Work-Life Balance

August 13, 2018By DPC EditorAdults, Resources By Age

By Deborah Jian Lee, originally posted on Forbes. These days, work-life balance can seem like an impossible feat. Technology makes workers accessible around the clock. Fears of job loss incentivize longer hours. In fact, a whopping 94% of working professionals reported working more than 50 hours per week and nearly half said they worked more … Read More

Asian Americans Think an Elite College Degree Will Shelter Them from Discrimination. It Won’t.

July 25, 2018By DPC EditorCultural Diversity, Resources By Topic

By Jennifer Lee and Kathick Ramakrishnan, originally posted on the Los Angeles Times. College admissions season is here. In the coming weeks, millions of high school seniors will receive letters of acceptance or rejection. They will then have a few more weeks to choose which school to attend. The college admissions process produces anxiety for … Read More

Asian Job Seekers Face Disadvantage Even When They have Higher Degrees, Study Finds

July 24, 2018By DPC EditorCultural Diversity, Resources By Topic

By Nicholas Keung, originally posted on The Star. Job candidates with Asian names and Canadian qualifications are less likely to be called for interviews than their counterparts with Anglo-Canadian names even when they have a better education, a new study has found. Using data from a recent large-scale Canadian employment study that examined interview callback rates for … Read More

Minorities Who ‘Whiten’ Job Resumes Get More Interviews

July 24, 2018By DPC EditorCultural Diversity, Resources By Topic

By Dina Gerdeman, originally posted on HBSWK.HBS.edu. African American and Asian job applicants who mask their race on resumes seem to have better success getting job interviews, according to research by Katherine DeCelles and colleagues. Minority job applicants are “whitening” their resumes by deleting references to their race with the hope of boosting their shot … Read More

Debunking the “Model Asian” Myth: Five Ways Asian-Americans Still Face Discrimination

July 23, 2018By DPC EditorCultural Diversity, Resources By Topic

By Jocelyn Eikenburg, originally posted on Hippo Reads. In April 2014, the public was collectively shocked when University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School unveiled the results of a study examining racial gender biases in faculty mentoring. This finding particularly struck a chord: “We see tremendous bias against Asian students and that’s not something we expected. So a lot … Read More

Poll Finds that at Least One Quarter of Asian Americans Report Being Personally Discriminated Against in the Workplace and Housing

July 10, 2018By DPC EditorCultural Diversity, Resources By Topic

Originally posted on HSPH Harvard. Boston, MA – This report is part of a series titled “Discrimination in America.” The series is based on a survey conducted for National Public Radio, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. While many surveys have explored Americans’ beliefs about discrimination, this survey asks people about their … Read More