By Ray Blunt, originally posted on The Washingtonist.

By now the over documented aging of the Baby Boom Generation has inspired many jeremiads concerning the collapse of Social Security and Medicare, the paucity of caregivers for the rising nursing home population, and the irreplaceable loss of intellectual capital in our economy and daily lives. The situation, we perhaps comfort ourselves, is even worse in Japan and most of the Western democracies. In short, old people are a burden and we don’t know what to do with them. While my son’s humorous solution of “We’ll just put you out on an ice floe, Dad,” may not be apt, it seems my generation (Veteran) and the Boomers coming along behind us are about to cause a crisis. Perhaps. But I am encouraged by those who think of this time as an opportunity. Here are just a few resources for you to consider that offer up a more hopeful take as well as provide good advice for those who are heading for the finish line with a determination not to let tired legs and shortness of breath deter a great finish.

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