Originally posted on Centered.

Danielle Burd is an Executive Vice President in commercial banking. After an early-career crisis of identity, Danielle traveled to Calcutta, India where she learned from Mother Teresa the power of unconditional, compassionate love. Danielle has taken these life lessons all throughout the corporate world where she continues to transform lives and companies one encounter at a time.

“You can’t be too busy to show people they matter to you. As a leader, there’s nothing more important.”

How do you love your coworker?

Love looks different for all of us, but I believe there are a few common traits that can help all of us. One of these is to simply listen, not just for what they’re saying but how they’re saying it as most communication is non-verbal. As I take time to listen and hear people’s stories, I find ways to engage their story and look for moments of vulnerability where I can pour out God’s love. At one point, I had a coworker tell me that as a child, he had desperately sought “Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots” and never received them. I was able to find one. After the man receiving it, he cried as he felt loved and cherished. As people begin to feel heard and seen, they begin to discover their own worth and greatness.

Love interrupts. I’ll always take the time to say hello, particularly if someone looks like they’re having a rough day. Trust is not established by what you say. Sincerity, and kindness are established by smallest moments every day. Somebody is always watching you. When someone knows they’re sincerely cared for, that trust is deeper than any bond you can create by sharing mission statement/vision statement. Take the time to acknowledge every person in your organization and get to know their passions and hobbies.

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