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What this is: This is a letter a church wrote to teachers in their community to thank them for their work. It is a good example of a “workplace affirmation.”

Dear Teacher,

Pastor [name] tells a story from his youth.  He was about 10 years old, his father, who was in the navy at the time, took him to the docks to do some fishing.  A large ship was tied up there and because the weather was particularly calm, the ship floated on slack ropes.  His father surprised him when he walked over, put his feet on the edge of the dock, his hands on the side of the ship, and pushed.  He pushed steadily for a long time.  Dee thought he was crazy – he was trying to move a ship!  No way, not even his daddy could move a ship!  But to his amazement the ship began to move.  He thought his dad must be superman in disguise!  As he stood there in little-boy awe, his father knelt down and said something he’s never forgotten,

I don’t know how it works, but somehow my energy is stored up in that ship until there is enough to move it. If I had quit before there was enough energy to move it, even seconds too early, it wouldn’t have moved, and all my pushing would have been wasted. And guess what? If you had helped me, it would’ve moved twice as fast.

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