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What this is: This is a letter a church wrote to police officers in their community to thank them for their work. It is a good example of a “workplace affirmation.”

Dear Officer,

I recently ran across this story from ABC news.  It seems a couple of years ago October of 2005, an elderly man passed away while sitting in his parked car in the city of Melbourne, Australia.  He remained there several days before his body was found and identified by city officials. However, after the man’s death, and two days before the discovery of his body, a police officer gave him a parking ticket and attached it to the windshield of his car!  The head of the Maroondah City Council later apologized for the incident, saying: “It must be just so sad for the family, and we extend our sincere sympathies to them.” He added, “It is simply a case of the parking officer not noticing.” 

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