By: Esther Larson, originally posted at the Center for Faith & Work.

I was recently waiting in line for a NYC public bathroom (total rookie mistake for a girl whose lived in NY for 6 years…) – waited for a few minutes, knocked, waited a few minutes, knocked.  Finally, a guy opened the door and said “I’m homeless, I have a job interview I’m washing up for, could you give some grace?”  Could I give him some grace?  God broke my heart that day thinking about the brokenness of our world – and revealed by own brokenness in front of our Almighty God.  According to a recent NY Times article, over 25% of families in homeless shelters have at least one member of their family employed — people trying to work hard and play by the rules but still without a home.  As a Christian in New York City, I realize that this brokenness is not what God intended – yet He is “making all things new” and He calls us to answer His call to engage the brokenness and serve our City for its flourishing. My Hope for New York is that God would use the Church to not settle for the brokenness we see in our world but rather would say “Lord, may we, and may our City, seek the perfect refuge in Jesus Christ and may you give our leaders and community wisdom so that all may have physical refuge”.

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