By: Esther Larson, originally posted at the Center for Faith and Work.

Seeing nature in the midst of Manhattan refreshes the soul.  By nature I don’t mean horse carriages in Central Park (“The Rye” Seinfeld episode ruined those for me) or the rats on the subway, but the beautiful kind of nature, like flowers in the flower market. Five years ago, realizing my need for nature inside my apartment, I started taking flower arranging classes. The classes turned into a monthly ritual of going to the flower market, choosing seasonal flowers, and bringing them home for a dining room table arrangement.  Around this same dining room table earlier this month, a group from the Humanizing Work conference caught a ‘glimpse’ of the art of flower arranging.  Experimenting with a mix of fall flowers, the group learned how to arrange them (tip – arrange in 3’s!) to emphasize their beauty.  As we made the arrangements, we were reminded of how God the Creator beautifully clothes the lilies of the valley – and how much more our Heavenly Father cares for us, His children (Matthew 6: 27-29).  Each person took their arrangement home to remember this truth as we started the week.  Special thanks to Margaret Larson and Ashley Lyon and the group that made this a special time!

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