By Bethany Jenkins, originally posted at the Center for Faith & Work.

Esther Larson is a part-time, self-employed florist ( and senior manager of affiliate development for Hope for New York. She is also a former Gotham Fellow through the Center for Faith & Work.

How did you become interested in arranging flowers?

I’ve been working with nonprofit, anti-poverty organizations for almost eight years—the Coalition Against Hunger and Hope for New York. About five years ago, though, I started looking for a hobby because thinking about homelessness and hunger on a daily basis can be emotionally exhausting. So I took a four-hour class with Matthew Robbins at FlowerSchool New York and was hooked. It was an artistic outlet, a way to express myself. Since then, I’ve taken more classes, volunteered at flower shops, and made arrangements for friends. Recently, I’ve started getting clients and turned it into a part-time job.

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